Dental Overseas

An Excuse to Travel

Travelling overseas for dental treatment is the perfect excuse to make time for leisure and vacation. India has become a favoured tourist destination for its aesthetic topography, cultural heritage and most importantly, for its dental/medical tourism. Many people come to India on leisure and in passing avail affordable, high quality dental care, treatment or even surgery which are generally costlier in their own country.

Chennai, an exotic coastal city rich in cultural splendour, stands out amongst other Indian metros thanks to its low cost and high quality dental treatment options. With a history and tradition that go back thousands of years, this temple studded coastal city with tropical climates is a kaleidoscope of lifestyles and experiences.

Nungambakkam, where our main centre is located, is considered by many as downtown Chennai with many luxury hotels and shopping malls.

A Perfect Blend

Opal Dentistry provides a perfect blend of advanced treatments, sterilisation on par with international standards, the latest technology , personalised care and ethical dental practices. Our highly qualified doctors who are affiliated with international associations and organizations provide exceptional service making your experience comfortable and homely.

You can avail some of our specialized services such as

Our Facilities


  1. Contact by email with your requirements.
  2. Submission of previous dental records, if needed.
  3. Video conferencing for better clarification of case history, if required.
  4. Intimation of cost estimation and duration of treatment.
  5. Fixing a travel agent to organize the trip.

You can alternately choose to stay with a family or friend and plan a local outing here. You will be kept informed about the process and any scope increase or decrease on treatment and/or expense.

Following dental treatment are after treatment medication, dental care and feedback sessions, after which you return home ready to smile and dazzle everyone!!

The following can be arranged on demand: (charges applicable by the service provider)
Air tickets with the airline of your choice.
Commute or pick up & drop services
Local sightseeing and market visit.
Accomodation of your choice.